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Land serves as a long-term asset for any business, always retaining some value, and is traditionally easy to liquidate. Before you can sell the land, however, you must survey the property to ascertain its size and boundaries, then appraise it for its current market value. Both require you to gather as much information on the land as possible and ...
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If you have ever dreamt of building your own home then you have also probably thought about where to build this dream house. There are several factors to consider when choosing a location to build your home but the final decision will come down to your personal wants or needs for a house. Should You Buy A Plot Or A Large Piece Of Land? On...
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Mombasa Homes Expo
Mombasa Homes Expo is a bi-annual trade exhibition for property sector and ancillary service providers in the East African Region. This event creates a neutral business networking platform for Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, and Project Managers, financial service providers, government agencies, Interior Designers, Industry Association, H...
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Owning a home brings freedom and joy to many people. There are many factors one should consider when buying a home. These are; the number of rooms, size of the yard and condition of the kitchen. Buying a new home is a difficult decision because it involves your family, a lot of time and money. The home you are to purchase should be a home that will...
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There are plenty circumstances that may actually push you to sell your home as fast as possible. However looking at the slow property market in this current economy, it may appear almost impossible to sell your house fast. In this article we are going to explore some tips that will help you sell your house fast even in a slow economy. 1. Find The ...
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